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Quick Look at Low Sodium Cereals

Since I have identified that my current ready-to-eat breakfast cereal has too much salt (blog post), I need to find a low-salt replacement. So I went back to this web site and put together a list of low-salt replacement candidates. … Continue reading

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Sodium in One Bowl of Ready-to-Eat Cereal Versus a Snack Bag of Chips

I have decided to start watching my sodium intake and this means that I now track the sodium content of all the food I eat. I was floored when I saw that my breakfast bowl of multi-grain cereal with milk … Continue reading

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The Mathematics of Dieting - Part 2 (Cholesterol)

Cholesterol and Me I actually have never had a cholesterol level that would be considered high. The threhold for a high total cholesterol level is generally considered to be anything above 200 mg/dL. Prior to taking a statin to lower … Continue reading

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The Mathematics of Dieting – Part 1 (BMI)

The Problem This is a story with a very happy ending. I have been overweight for most of my 50+ years. I have tried to diet unsuccessfully many, many times. Two years ago, I started a weight loss plan that … Continue reading

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