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Glacier Melting Math

My wife and I are currently on an Alaskan cruise with friends that used to be our neighbors when our children were young. Our cruise ship is the Millennium, which is part of the Celebrity fleet. We are currently moored in Juneau, where we visited the Mendenhall glacier. While at the glacier, I talked with a local Forest Service guide about the rate of glacier melting. I also made a few measurements using my phone and a bit of math then ensued, which I will discuss here. Continue reading

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"The Green Girl" Documentary Review

I just watched an excellent documentary on Susan Oliver called The Green Girl. She played the character called Vina in the Star Trek pilot called "The Cage". Her photo in green makeup appears at the end of many episodes of the original Star Trek series (Figure 1). It appears that she had a sense of humor about all the makeup she had to wear in her role as Vina (Figure 2). I have revealed my love of all things Trek in previous posts (example), so my interest in this video should not surprise anyone. Continue reading

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An Old Class Photo

One of my favorite old movies is the "The African Queen" with Humphrey Bogart (he played Charlie) and Katherine Hepburn (she played Rose). In that movie, Rose asks Charlie "Could you make a torpedo?" and Charlie responds: "A torpedo?...You don't … Continue reading

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This Idea Solves a Life-Long Problem

I cannot tell you how often in 35 years of marriage I have come home to the open-ended question from my wife "Do you like it?", without "it" being defined. I then spend the next 10 uncomfortable minutes trying to figure out what aspect of my wife's appearance has changed. I admit that I simply do not notice things like haircuts, changes in hair color, new clothes, etc. I am so bad that I have even failed to notice a complete change of hair color (blonde to brunette). Continue reading

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Incredible Mechanical Music Player

Take a look at this digitally-created instrument and how it is being played.  

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Two Napa Valley Winery Tours

Quote of the Day The emotion at the point of technical breakthrough is better than wine, women and song put together. — Richard Hamming Introduction I am on a business trip this week to Petaluma, California, and for the first … Continue reading

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At What Fuel Tank Level Should I Refuel?

It is cold in Minnesota right now and I hear the local motorheads warning people not to run their gas tanks down to empty. During winter, I hear this warning because of concerns that water vapor in the gas tank may freeze and cause the vehicle to stop. I also hear concerns about running on a low fuel tank during the heat of summer because the fuel is need to cool the fuel pump, which is often mounted in the tank. Some folks also say that there is corrosion at the bottom of the gas tank that get sucked into the fuel pump when running the tank near empty. Continue reading

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Funny the Little Things that Children Remember ..

This weekend, my oldest son recalled how we would spend Saturday morning watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) . All three of us would be laughing the whole time. There is no sound as wonderful as that of children laughing. We still talk about how fun it was to watch Japanese monster movies on MST3K. As far as I am concerned, that is the only way to enjoy Godzilla and Gamera. Continue reading

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Rigging Cables is Really Important

Quote of the Day History is a tool used by politicians to justify their intentions. — Ted Koppel I have been rather frustrated lately with the number of field failures I have encountered that are related to the humble cable … Continue reading

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Wasted School Time

Quote of the Day Censorship reflects a society's lack of confidence in itself. — Potter Stewart Introduction I frequently talk to young engineers who have just completed university. I am always curious as to what they studied in school. I … Continue reading

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